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Brand-new rims can often burn a hole in your pocket. Our salvage yard boasts a wide variety of rims and wheels for all makes and models, ensuring you'll find the perfect fit for your car or truck. From sleek alloy rims to sturdy steel wheels, we have options to suit every taste and requirement. Say goodbye to the hefty price tags of brand-new rims; instead, explore our extensive inventory to find the perfect set that fits both your budget and your vehicle.

Don't let a set of wheels or rims break your bank. Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect replacement for your vehicle's needs.

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Available Used Auto Rims and Wheels


Aluminum Wheels

Aluminum wheels are lighter than steel wheels, which can contribute to improved fuel efficiency and handling. They are also corrosion-resistant, enhancing durability and appearance. If aluminum wheels are damaged, it can compromise their structural integrity. This could lead to issues such as loss of tire pressure, misalignment, or even wheel failure, which poses a significant safety risk while driving.

Steel Wheels

Steel wheels are sturdy and cost-effective. They are commonly used in basic or rugged vehicles. While heavier than aluminum, they are durable and can withstand tough conditions. While steel wheels are durable, significant damage could result in structural weakness. A bent or cracked steel wheel may lead to imbalances, vibrations, and potential failure, affecting the vehicle's handling and safety.

Wheel Covers

Wheel covers improve the aesthetic appeal of the wheels by concealing the steel or aluminum underneath. They are also relatively inexpensive and can be easily replaced for a fresh look. While wheel covers are primarily aesthetic, damage can occur if they are not securely attached. Loose or damaged wheel covers may detach while driving, posing a hazard to other vehicles and pedestrians. Additionally, sharp edges on damaged covers could cause injury during handling.

Wheel Center Caps

Center caps provide a finishing touch to the wheel's appearance, covering the hub area and often featuring the vehicle's logo. They also protect the hub and wheel bearings from debris and moisture. Though typically not a critical safety component, a damaged or missing center cap can expose the wheel's hub area to moisture and debris, potentially leading to corrosion and damage to the wheel bearings.

Wheel Trim Rings

Trim rings add a decorative element to the wheel, giving it a more finished and polished appearance. They are also used for protection, preventing damage to the wheel's outer edge. If trim rings are damaged or improperly installed, they may become loose or sharp. This can pose a risk of injury during handling and can also affect the wheel's overall balance, leading to vibrations and compromised vehicle performance.

Full Wheel Sets

A full-wheel set is crucial for the vehicle's performance, safety, and aesthetics. Matching wheels contribute to a balanced appearance and maintain consistent handling characteristics. If one or more wheels in a set are damaged, it can result in an imbalanced vehicle. This imbalance may cause handling issues, vibrations, and, in extreme cases, lead to loss of control while driving.

Full Wheel Tire Sets

A complete and well-maintained wheel and tire set is crucial for a vehicle's safety, performance, and handling, influencing traction, stability, braking, ride comfort, fuel efficiency, aesthetics, compatibility, and overall durability. Damage to a wheel and tire set, especially in the form of a puncture or structural damage, can result in rapid loss of tire pressure. This can lead to loss of control, increased braking distance, and the potential for accidents.


Choosing Kirchhayn's wheels for your vehicle ensures not only the safety of its components but also the reliability and performance that come with their commitment to quality and expertise in crafting wheels that meet the highest standards.

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Why Choose Kirchhayn’s Used Car & Truck Tires and Rims?

Kirchhayn Auto Parts & Recycling stands out for its unbeatable affordability, extensive variety, and commitment to sustainability in the realm of used car and truck tires and rims. Our inventory offers cost-effective options without compromising on performance, covering a wide range of makes and models. By choosing Kirchhayn, you not only save significantly but also contribute to eco-friendly practices through recycled automotive parts. With rigorous quality checks, expert guidance, nationwide shipping, and a 90-day warranty, we ensure your satisfaction and safety in every purchase. Trust Kirchhayn for affordable, quality, and eco-conscious automotive solutions.

Local OEM Replacement Rims and Wheels from Kirchhayn Auto in Wisconsin

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Count on Kirchhayn Auto Parts & Recycling for seamless, local access to OEM replacement auto rims and wheels. Our commitment to precision ensures an exact fit for your vehicle, aligning with the manufacturer's specifications to eliminate compatibility concerns and reduce the risk of structural damage. With a wide range of options for sedans, SUVs, and trucks, our extensive inventory guarantees quality you can trust, backed by stringent quality checks. Our customer-centric assistance ensures a hassle-free experience, as our team is ready to guide you through finding the perfect OEM replacement


The Kirchhayn Auto Parts Warranty

Kirchhayn Auto Parts is dedicated to quality, and our Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recycler status reflects our commitment. Our warranty covers all parts for 90 days from the invoice date. To make a warranty claim, provide the original invoice, and return the defective part to Kirchhayn Auto Parts. We also have a straightforward Return Policy, allowing returns within 30 days with specific conditions.

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