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If you're in search of budget-friendly replacements for windshields, windows, or other auto glass components, you've come to the right place. Our commitment to providing cost-effective solutions ensures that you can restore the functionality and aesthetics of your vehicle without compromising on quality.

Repairing your broken windshield is not just about aesthetics – it's a crucial aspect of your vehicle's safety system. Windshields support the roof in rollover accidents and contribute to side airbag deployment. With our affordable used auto glass options, you can address issues ranging from chips and bullseyes to spider web cracks and stress cracks. Don't let a cracked window compromise your safety or hinder your driving experience. Contact us today and let us help you find the perfect replacement for your vehicle's glass needs.

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Available Used Auto Glass from Kirchhayn

Body PartDescription

Positioned at the front of the car, a cracked windshield can impair the driver's visibility, creating blind spots and reducing the ability to see the road clearly. It may also compromise the structural integrity of the windshield, increasing the risk of it shattering upon impact.

Hatch Glass

Found at the rear of hatchback or SUV models, cracks in the hatch glass can hinder the driver's rear visibility, making it challenging to see vehicles or obstacles behind the car. Additionally, a cracked hatch glass may be more susceptible to breaking under stress.

Quarter Glass

Located on the sides of the car between the front and rear doors, cracked quarter glass affects the driver's ability to see the surroundings from the sides, impacting overall visibility. It may also compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle, especially in the event of a collision.

Door Glass

Positioned within the doors of the vehicle, a cracked door glass can compromise the security of the vehicle, making it easier for unauthorized access. Additionally, it may shatter more easily upon impact, increasing the risk of injury to occupants.

Mirror Glass

Mounted on the side mirrors, both driver and passenger sides. Cracks in the mirror glass can distort the reflected images, reducing the effectiveness of the side mirrors. Impaired visibility in the side mirrors increases the likelihood of blind spots, making lane changes and turns more hazardous.

Rear Glass

The rear window positioned at the back of the vehicle, cracks in the rear glass obstruct the driver's view when looking behind the vehicle. This impairment can be particularly dangerous during reversing, parking, or maneuvering in tight spaces.

Sunroof Glass

Positioned on the roof of the car, a cracked sunroof glass compromises the structural integrity of the roof, and if left unaddressed, it may shatter unexpectedly. There is also an increased risk of water leakage during rain, potentially damaging the interior.

T-Top Glass

Typically found on certain sporty or classic cars, T-tops are removable roof panels. Cracks in T-top glass compromise the structural integrity of the roof, impacting the overall safety of the vehicle. Additionally, it may lead to water leakage during adverse weather conditions.

Vent Glass

Smaller windows often found at the front of the car's doors, near the side mirrors. Cracked vent glass may compromise the seal, leading to air and water leakage into the vehicle. It can also compromise the security of the car, as it may be easier for someone to break in through a damaged vent window.


Cracks in any of these glass components can pose serious safety risks, affecting visibility, structural integrity, and the overall safety of the vehicle. It's crucial to address any cracked glass promptly through repair or replacement to ensure the continued safe operation of the vehicle.

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Why Choose Kirchhayn’s Used Car & Truck Glass?

Choose Kirchhayn Auto Parts & Recycling in Fredonia, WI, for your used car and truck glass needs with confidence. Our commitment to quality ensures that all glass components undergo rigorous inspections, guaranteeing reliability and clear visibility for your vehicle. Benefit from competitive prices without compromising on quality, as our extensive inventory covers a diverse range of makes and models.

As a family-owned and operated salvage yard, we bring years of expertise to the auto salvage industry, providing accurate information and top-notch service. Conveniently located north of Milwaukee, we serve both the Fox Valley and Milwaukee areas, making it easy for you to access the right glass components for your vehicle. Trust Kirchhayn for a seamless experience, where customer satisfaction and dependable products take precedence.

Used Auto Glass from Kirchhayn

Get Local OEM Replacement Auto Glass

When it comes to replacing your auto glass, opting for local OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacements ensures a seamless fit and adherence to your vehicle's specifications. At our Wisconsin junkyard, we offer a curated selection of local OEM replacement auto glass for various car brands. Our focus on quality and compatibility means you can trust that the replacement glass meets the standards set by your vehicle's manufacturer. Get peace of mind and a perfect fit – choose local OEM replacement auto glass at our Fredonia recycling yard.

The Kirchhayn Auto Parts Warranty

Kirchhayn Auto Parts is dedicated to quality, and our Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recycler status reflects our commitment. Our warranty covers all parts for 90 days from the invoice date. To make a warranty claim, provide the original invoice, and return the defective part to Kirchhayn Auto Parts. We also have a straightforward Return Policy, allowing returns within 30 days with specific conditions.

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